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RedHawk Football 4/2/2014

"CELEBRATING OUR PLAYERS! He's not only a gentlemen, but also a scholar. Mitch Wochoski recently took 1st place at the Michigan Future Problem Solvers State Bowl (an academic competition), where he competed against high school students from across the state. The win earned him an automatic bid to participate in the international competition, which takes place in June. He’ll be representing Michigan against the best of the best from across the world; including Taiwan, Singapore, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and many more. Congrats to the Big Fella!! "

RedHawk Football 4/1/2014

"My good friend Sam Bright was once quoted by saying, "Coach, we need to have a talk." Well, now it is with great pleasure that I announce Sam as a recipient of the Timothy Award. The Timothy Award is a Youth Appreciation Certificate recognizing high school teens for leadership, christian service, or commitment in the areas of parish, family, civic community, or school community. The youth ministers throughout Troy have collaborated on an event to honor these young people and acknowledge their “going the extra mile” to serve their faith communities. Nice job Sam!!!! "

RedHawk Football 3/28/2014

"New MHSAA Practice Policies have been posted under Important Documents"

RedHawk Football 3/27/2014

"Red Hawk Football Gear - Team Shoe Website has been added under Important Pages."

RedHawk Football 3/17/2014

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